Eclipse copies .svn folders to bin directory, TortoiseSVN confused

This last trimester we started 'learning' Java in Programming class. The faculty-approved (and heartily encouraged) development environment is Eclipse. Having never used an IDE before I've been surprised by -and quite enjoyed- the hand-holding it provides.

One problem I've had is with the build process and Subversion/TortoiseSVN. Each time I build a project a nasty red exclamation mark appears on the `bin' directory of that project. I hadn't put too much effort into finding out why it was happening until today; I can't stand that goddamned red exclamation mark any more.

To make a boring story a little less so, Eclipse copies the contents of the `src' directory -including `.svn' directories- to the output `bin' directory. This was confusing Tortoise into thinking it had to track source changes in the `bin' directory, which I hadn't actually added to SVN's version control. Even adding the `bin' directory to the ignore list didn't fix the issue. After a quick google I found the solution (and explanation of what the hell was going on):

Thanks Benjamin.

This post brought to you live from the blogosphere—straight from the internet right onto your computer, wow!

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