Backing up DokuWiki with rotating backups on a samba share

After procrastinating for a while I got down to setting up backups for our DokuWiki installation: it was getting to the point where it had enough useful information that losing it would be a Disaster. I got cold sweats just imagining having to type all that stuff up again.

Some searching later I found this pretty good DokuWiki backup script over at the official wiki. After customising the script and spending a (long) while mounting a remote samba share, I added the script to the crontab on a daily schedule.

It's now a few weeks later and I have a seven-day rotating set of backups for our documentation, getting backed up both to tape and to a remote fileserver. I had a gander through the backups the other day and noticed, however, that the rotating portion of the script seems to be a bit wonky. Each day's backup folder seems to have a subfolder with a full backup inside it, a few levels deep. For now it's not too serious as it's only a few hundred MB, but it's something I'll have to look into.

Next up are my adventures with dollar-sign-in-the-name samba shares and my misadventures with SELinux. For now though it's bed time, and luckily for me I get to sleep with one less worry on my mind.

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