Find XPath to any element quickly with FireBug

Edit: I found out that right clicking on a tag in Firebug's HTML tab and clicking on "Copy XPath" is a much quicker method.

I just discovered a way to quickly find the XPath to any element on a webpage with Firebug. This will help me a lot in the development of my Greasemonkey script HorariGlobal.

  • Right-click on element.
  • Click on "Inspect element" entry.
  • Go to HTML tab in the Firebug frame then the style tab on the right.
  • Right-click on empty space in that frame, select "Edit element style"
  • Hover mouse over the text item " {" that has just appeared.

I imagine there is a tool somewhere out there that will do this in one step, but this will do me for now.

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  1. Dimitris says:

    Right now you can just right click on e.g. a DIV and do "Copy XPath" directly.

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