How to check database type of subversion repository

Doing some maintenance on my Subversion repository --namely taking out a directory and creating a new repository with only that directory-- I wanted to find out how to check what type of database (FSFS or Berkeley DB) my current svn repository uses.

After some searching all I came up with were pages talking about the two database types, not what database type an existing Subversion repository uses. I decided to look around the file structure of my repository and found an aptly-named file called "fs-type". Calling cat on the file told me what I needed:

$ cat {PATH_TO_REPO}/db/fs-type

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2 Responses to How to check database type of subversion repository

  1. Saroj Mahanta says:

    Dear Johnny,

    thanks for sharing such a valuable information about file system of SVN.Well, may i know ,if we not mention any file system then what will be the default type of subversion repository. Somewhere i read Berkeley DB is default and somewhere i read FSFS is default. Can you please confirm , also if possible provide your contact number so that i can call you any time for help.

  2. Arun says:

    FSFS is default

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