Setting contact's group in Android 2.3 Gingerbread

A huge issue I have with Android is its contact management. I have a lot of contacts, many of whom I only have an email address for. I have created a "Mobile" group for those contacts I do actually want on my phone, which is great.

Except when I need to add a new contact. For some reason there isn't a way to set the contact's group in Gingerbread and previous versions. After I add a new contact on my phone they get lost in limbo and I have to remember to set their group the next time I'm on a computer. It's been fixed for Ice Cream Sandwich, but my phone isn't going to be getting that upgrade.

I managed to find a way to set contacts' group in Gingerbread with an application from  Android MarketGoogle Play: DW Contacts. I often forget the exact steps to finding the groupless contacts though, so I'm writing them down here.


First the contact has to be found. The search option in DW contact's Toolbox tab searches through all contacts, not just those on the phone. Once you find the contact, long press their name and select the "Set group for contact" option. Finally check the appropriate groups and presto. How it's taken until Honeycomb/ICS for this to be a native feature of Android's contact management is beyond me.


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  1. siva says:

    Thanks dude... I had been searching for this info for a while

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