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Red X next to Dell DAT72 tape drive in libraries container

Our tape backups haven't been working properly for a few months. I've been really busy and we have nightly off-site backups anyway so I haven't taken a look at it until now. Initially I thought the backup script had gone … Continue reading

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Close frozen SSH session without closing terminal

The VPN connection to my university often drops, leaving me with frozen SSH sessions. I've found out how to close the connection without closing the terminal window. One just has to press these keys in sequence: ENTER ~ . Source: … Continue reading

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Ubuntu middle dot compose key sequence

I use Programmer Dvorak as my keyboard layout and can never remember the compose key sequence for the middle dot (or interpunct) character "·". The key sequence is Compose-key ^ . Note: it's the circumflex character, not the control key.

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Thunderbird and S/MIME certificates: fixing "Unable to sign message." error

I had to generate some SSL certificates and use them to sign emails for a class recently. After creating the PKCS#12 file and importing it into Thunderbird I tried sending an email, which resulted in an error message: Sending of … Continue reading

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Date formatting not working after installing qTranslate

I just installed qTranslate to have multilingual entries. It's a really good internationalization plugin, I've used it on other WordPress installations before with great results. After installing it with WordPress 3.0.1 though, the date format for posts wasn't being parsed, … Continue reading

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Merge Excel spreadsheets with common columns

Today I had a problem that is a non-starter when dealing with relational databases: I needed to do an inner join on two sets of data. Instead what I had was two Excel spreadsheets, and it ended up taking much … Continue reading

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How to check database type of subversion repository

Doing some maintenance on my Subversion repository --namely taking out a directory and creating a new repository with only that directory-- I wanted to find out how to check what type of database (FSFS or Berkeley DB) my current svn … Continue reading

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Select boot device key on Sony Vaios

Most BIOSes nowadays have a feature whereby pressing a specific F key brings up a one-time boot device selection menu, handy for operating system (re)installs. The BIOS on my new Vaio didn't display any information regarding keys (not even how … Continue reading

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Find XPath to any element quickly with FireBug

Edit: I found out that right clicking on a tag in Firebug's HTML tab and clicking on "Copy XPath" is a much quicker method. I just discovered a way to quickly find the XPath to any element on a webpage … Continue reading

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"Logon failure: unknown username or bad password." when trying to access Windows XP share from Windows 7

After a recent Windows Update I could no longer access the folders on my Windows XP file server. A window popped up asking for a username and password even though they are both the same on the two computers. The … Continue reading

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