Personal projects

Here's a selection of personal projects I have been involved in.

  • YNAB Debt Sync — reconciles two YNAB budgets when dealing with short-term lending (spotting cash to each other), identifying which transactions are missing from each budget. Find out what it's for, and how the algorithm works.
  • My PeaZip fork — ensures the user doesn’t end up with intermediate directories when extracting an archive to a new subfolder.
  • Horari Global — A Greasemonkey script to integrate class timetables in the UPF student portal.
  • ttupf — Evolution of Horari Global, an open-source web app for creating custom UPF timetables.
  • Timetable Planner — My final AI assignment where we leveraged ttupf's OAuth API to build study plans based on real university schedules.
  • Event scheduler — A project for a distributed applications course. Integrates Google APIs to streamline event scheduling and notification by distance from the event.
  • PyElla Names — Open-source python module that attempts to separate Spanish fullnames into first name, first surname and second surname.
  • CarePhone — project for a human-computer interaction course. Attempts to prevent users from making embarrassing phonecalls.

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