TimeTable Planner

TimeTable Planner was the final assignment for my Artificial Intelligence class. We had to choose a problem and model it with PDDL.  We chose to model the scheduling of the recommended study time per hour of class according to the Bologna Process (one hour of self-study per hour of theory lecture, at least in our model).

Instead of using dummy information we took advantage of the fact we had implemented OAuth in our ttupf project to load a real timetable and pass it on to the planner. TimeTable Planner allows the user to define self-study start­ and stop times as well as a preferred lunch period.

TimeTable Planner's solution. Self-study periods marked in light orange.

The self-study periods found by TimeTable Planner are marked in light orange

Classes loaded from ttupf are in orange, self-study and lunch periods periods found by the planner in peach and yellow, respectively. For each theory class the agent tries to find the closest free period (either before or after the actual lecture) where the self-study can be scheduled.

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