ttupf is the logical evolution of HorariGlobal. Talking about HorariGlobal with some friends it occurred to us we could scrape the published timetable pages and offer personalised timetables to students.

A student registers with our service and configures their timetable: which courses they're taking and, for each course, the theory, practical and seminar group. Once configured, ttupf then shows only the classes that are relevant to that student. In one fell swoop the amount of steps to check one's schedule has been reduced to one.

ttupf was originally written in PHP using Symfony 1.2. Check out the bare-bones version of ttupf.

For an ICT-service management and deployment elective we rewrote ttupf in nodejs, adding automatic scraping of a student's enrolled courses. This saves students a tedious 10 minutes involving the initial configuration of courses and groups.

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