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"Logon failure: unknown username or bad password." when trying to access Windows XP share from Windows 7

After a recent Windows Update I could no longer access the folders on my Windows XP file server. A window popped up asking for a username and password even though they are both the same on the two computers. The … Continue reading

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Windows 7 open command prompt from right click context menu

Windows XP had the PowerToys, which added useful functionality to the system. One of my favourites was the "CMD Shell here" PowerToy, which opened a cmd prompt with its working directory set to the folder you were in. Vista incorporated … Continue reading

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Vista/Windows 7 Links toolbar on taskbar - how to remove 'Open file security warning'

A few years ago I discovered that the links toolbar is a zillion times better than quick launch. The links toolbar allows you to create folders and group common program shortcuts in them. When you click on a folder a … Continue reading

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